BRC-20, an experimental standard for fungible tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain, has been made possible by the Taproot and Ordinals protocol. This standard introduces new capabilities to the Bitcoin network, enabling its use in DeFi protocols and blockchain applications.

Δzr stands out as a pioneer in simplifying and enhancing the DeFi experience on the BRC20 standard.

BRC20 Overview:

BRC20, characterized by its composable semi-fungible asset design, has demonstrated remarkable success within its early stages. Boasting a market cap of $5 billion and a trading volume exceeding $1.75 billion, BRC20 has processed over 47 million transactions, with a total fee paid of 4,598.83 BTC. This experimental standard aligns with Bitcoin’s principles, offering a fair and open minting mechanism without the need for complex UTXO management.

Key Characteristics of BRC20:

The core simplicity in design decisions makes BRC20 easily understandable, while its accessible inscription tools enable anyone with a Bitcoin wallet to participate. The use of unique tickers reduces the risk of scams and establishes a clear digital namespace. Leveraging Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBTs) for trading, BRC20 adopts an account-based model, providing flexibility for use cases beyond layer 1 Bitcoin.

Δzr: Navigating the DeFi Landscape on BRC20:

As BRC20 mirrors the early days of DeFi on Ethereum, the vibrant Bitcoin community, fueled by lower transaction fees and heightened interest post-Bitcoin ETF approval, finds itself in a reminiscent phase. Δzr steps in to accompany users on this journey, focusing on making DeFi on BRC20 more accessible than ever.

Δzr’s Vision and Products:

Δzr’s vision revolves around bringing DeFi to the Bitcoin ecosystem, facilitating faster transactions, and generating profits through liquidity provision.

The project introduces several products, including a friendly Swap interface, a Liquidity Pool allowing users to provide liquidity and earn rewards, a Crosschain feature attracting liquidity from various EVM chains, and a comprehensive Dashboard offering insights into Pool Activity and corresponding project details.

As of now, Δzr is in the Mint phase on Unisat. Interested individuals can explore further details and updates on the project:

By aligning with the successful BRC20 standard and focusing on simplicity, security, and accessibility, Δzr positions itself as a practical solution for users navigating the evolving landscape of decentralized finance on Bitcoin.