In the past 24 hours, some significant incidents have occurred, highlighting the importance of staying vigilant and cautious in this digital landscape. Let’s dive into the latest news surrounding a major exploit, fake airdrops, and phishing attacks.

Multichain Exploit: Assets Valued at $126M Transferred

In a shocking exploit, Multichain, a prominent blockchain platform, fell victim to a breach, resulting in the transfer of approximately $126 million worth of assets. The exploit involved the Multichain-Fantom bridge, with tokens worth around $16 million, including DAI, LINK, and USDT, being sent to the address 0x9d57. Other transfers involved $27.6 million USDT and $30 million USDC sent to addresses 0x027F and 0xefeef, respectively. Additionally, 1,023 wBTC (equivalent to $30.9 million) were moved to address 0x622e5, and 7,214 wETH (~$13.6 million) were sent to address 0x418e. The incident highlights the need for robust security measures and constant monitoring in the crypto space.

Fake Airdrops: ApeCoin and Lido Scams Beware

Another concerning development involves the promotion of fake airdrops on Twitter. ApeCoin and Lido, two well-known projects, have been targeted by scammers attempting to deceive unsuspecting users. It is important to note that legitimate airdrops rarely ask for personal information or require you to send funds. Be cautious of any airdrop promotions and verify their authenticity by visiting the official project websites or trusted sources.

Phishing Attacks: Aptos and ApeCoin Impersonation

Phishing attacks continue to pose a threat to the crypto community, with criminals trying to trick users into revealing their wallet information or transferring funds to fraudulent addresses. Aptos, a popular project, had its Twitter account compromised, leading to the posting of a phishing link that connected unsuspecting users to a known wallet drainer. Another incident involves the impersonation of ApeCoin, where scammers promoted a fake airdrop on Twitter, leading victims to a malicious website designed to drain wallets. It is crucial to remain vigilant and verify the authenticity of URLs and social media accounts before providing any sensitive information or interacting with unknown websites.

The past 24 hours have brought attention to the inherent risks involved in the crypto market. Multichain’s exploit highlights the need for heightened security measures and continuous monitoring to protect users’ assets and deter malicious actors. Furthermore, the emergence of fake airdrops and phishing attacks demonstrates the importance of staying cautious and verifying sources before engaging with promotional campaigns or sharing personal information. As the crypto market continues to evolve, it is essential to prioritize security and educate oneself about potential threats to ensure a safe and secure investment experience.