Crypto is a rapidly growing market, but with growth comes an increase in nefarious activities. In the past 24 hours, several hacking attempts have surfaced, including phishing links, NFT thefts, and fake airdrops. As a financial analyst specializing in the crypto market, it’s important to keep track of these incidents and stay informed to make educated investment decisions.

Phishing Attempts and Wallet Drainers

As per the #CertiKSkynetAlert, a phishing attack has been launched through Discord servers of ObolNetwork and Dogami. The targeted links hxxps:// and hxxps://, respectively, connect to a known phishing contract (0x00003d1cEf5F30E34510198cB045E4ae0aa20000). The phishing links attempt to obtain user credentials and lure them into falling for a scam. Hence, investors should avoid clicking on these links.

Another phishing attempt worth mentioning is the fake airdrops promoted on Twitter under the hashtags #Evermoon and #PEPE. The fraudulent sites, hxxps:// and hxxps://, connect to a known wallet drainer. Investors must steer clear of such airdrops and conduct a thorough background check before interacting with these promotions.

NFT Theft on OpenSea

Three NFTs have been stolen from OpenSea in the past 24 hours. These include #LilPudgys #17419, #LilPudgys #3738, and #Beanz #14397. The NFT thefts were performed by #InfernoDrainer, as per the #PeckShieldAlert. NFT thefts are becoming increasingly common, highlighting the importance of secure storage of digital assets. Investors are encouraged to use trusted wallets, such as hardware wallets, to keep their NFTs safe and secure.

Parting Thoughts

As unfortunate as these incidents are, they serve as a reminder to investors to be vigilant and protect their assets in the crypto market. Investors should conduct due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency and should avoid clicking on suspect links or participating in airdrops that seem too good to be true. By staying informed and taking necessary precautionary measures, investors can protect their investments and continue to reap rewards in the growing crypto market.