Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure that seamlessly blends the worlds of Bitcoin and gaming? Look no further than BitcoinCats, the forefront GameFi platform designed to elevate the gaming experience within the Bitcoin Ecosystem. This innovative project not only bridges the gap between Bitcoin and Ethereum through the mapping of Bitcoin Assets but also introduces a host of exciting features, making it the most prominent gaming platform for the Bitcoin community.

Key Features at a Glance:

  1. Play2Earn & Exploration: Dive into an open-world environment where you can explore, fight monsters, and unveil the mysteries of the BitcoinCats universe. Your unique avatars will be your companions on this journey.
  2. Staking & Farmland: BitcoinCats Play2Earn, allows you to stake assets and farmland. Plant crops, breed pets, and reap the rewards of your strategic decisions.
  3. SocialFi: Connect with fellow players, form teams for epic adventures, and enjoy shared experiences in a vibrant and socially engaging gaming world.


  • $1CAT Token
  • Total Supply: 10B
  • Ordinals BRC:
  • CA (ETH): TBD
  • Distribution: Launchpad (20%), Liquidity (20%), Team (15%), Game Rewards (45%).
  • Protocol: BRC20 (partially wrapped to ERC20).

$1CAT Token – The Heart of the Ecosystem:

  • Utility Token: $1CAT is the native utility token of the BitcoinCats gaming ecosystem. It serves as the currency for acquiring and upgrading in-game assets, including avatars, pets, equipment, and farmlands.
  • Access Pass: $1CAT also acts as a ticket, granting players access to special features within the game.

Token Sale on Bakery Launchpad:

  • Launch Price: 1ETH = 6.25M $1cat.
  • Participation Tokens: $ETH, $BAKE, $Doggy, $PUNK
  • Participation Caps: 2 ETH for ETH participation.
  • Sale Time: Next week
  • Sale Rounds: Round 1 (ETH only, whitelist required), Round 2 (All four tokens, no whitelist).
  • Whitelist members enjoy a doubled allocation.

Bitcoin Cats NFT Collection:

  • Collection 10,000 pixelated cat artworks inscribed on Ordinals
  • Each NFT offers unique functionalities and benefits, making them more than just profile pictures.

BitcoinCats has just begun its magical journey, weaving a world of adventure, innovation, and community. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this groundbreaking project that seamlessly marries the strength of Bitcoin with the excitement of gaming.

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Get ready for a gaming experience like never before – where Bitcoin meets adventure, and the possibilities are limitless!

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