Cardano’s Venture Studio Model:
Recognizing the need to address the shortcomings of existing blockchains, Cardano has decided to adopt a venture studio model. This approach aims to fill 21 categories in which Cardano believes there are gaps compared to other blockchains. By either building the solutions themselves or investing in them, Cardano intends to create a more comprehensive and robust blockchain platform.

Encouraging Development:
To foster innovation and encourage development in these 21 identified categories, Cardano plans to offer grants and incentives. By providing financial support, they aim to attract talented developers and entrepreneurs to contribute to the growth of the Cardano ecosystem. This approach not only incentivizes innovation but also ensures a thriving and diverse developer community.

Focused Categories:
Cardano has identified several key categories in which they are focusing their efforts. These include decentralized identity, layer-2 sidechains, zero-knowledge rollups, and optimistic rollups. By addressing these areas, Cardano aims to enhance privacy, scalability, and interoperability within the blockchain space. Their systematic approach to filling these gaps showcases their commitment to providing real-world solutions and practical use cases for blockchain technology.

The Challenge of Developer Knowledge:
One obstacle that Cardano has encountered is the lack of developers with proficiency in Haskell and Plutus, the languages used for programming smart contracts on the Cardano platform. To overcome this hurdle, Cardano has taken proactive steps in supporting the development of new programming languages specifically designed for smart contracts on their blockchain. This initiative not only widens the talent pool but also reduces barriers to entry for aspiring developers.

Cardano’s ambitious vision to fill the gaps in the blockchain space illustrates their commitment to creating a platform that addresses the real-world needs of users and industries. By adopting a venture studio model, incentivizing development, and focusing on key categories, Cardano aims to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape. As Cardano continues to push the boundaries of blockchain technology, it will be exciting to witness the growth and impact they will have in shaping the future of decentralized applications and services.