In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, security threats and hacking incidents continue to be a concern. In this article, we will explore the latest hacking news from the crypto market, focusing on the PolyNetwork Exploiter addresses and recent Discord server compromises.

1. PolyNetwork Exploiter Consolidation Address:

PeckShieldAlert has reported that 1,007 ETH (approximately $1.87 million) has been sitting in the PolyNetwork Exploiter consolidation address. This address includes various tokens such as 147.8K FEI, 488.6K TRIBE, and 1M OOE, which were swapped for ETH. Additionally, over 100K Metis tokens have been exchanged for around 720 ETH. Notably, the addresses related to the PolyNetwork Exploiter have interacted with several centralized exchanges like Binance, MEXC, and Coinbase.

2. ERC20-EPK Sent to MEXC:

Further reports indicate that 14.67 million ERC20-EPK tokens, valued at approximately $126.46K, were sent to MEXC exchange. The specifics of this transaction are yet to be fully disclosed, but the movement of these tokens suggests a potential involvement of the PolyNetwork Exploiter.

3. Transfer of SDOG Tokens:

A significant transfer of 1785.27 billion SDOG tokens, valued at approximately $153.8K, has taken place. These tokens were sent to an address that can be found on Details regarding the purpose or origin of this transfer remain unclear at the time of writing.

4. KEL Token Transfers and Swaps:

In a separate incident, a substantial amount of KEL tokens has been involved in transfers and swaps. About 5.76 million KEL tokens were transferred to the address 0x5f39…7f42. Furthermore, approximately 3.6 million KEL tokens were swapped for approximately 15.6 ETH on the address 0x5f392c6a0757c0038215cd1ba9d3c20bf3af7f42.

5. Discord Server Compromises:

CertiKSkynetAlert has reported two cases of Discord server compromises. Firstly, the Releap_IO Discord server experienced a phishing attempt where a phishing link was posted. Users are advised against clicking on any links until the team confirms that they have regained control of the server. Similarly, the overnight_fi Discord server was compromised, leading to the posting of a phishing site. It is recommended that users refrain from clicking on any links until the team confirms that they have regained control.

The crypto market constantly faces security threats and hacking incidents that can have significant financial implications. The recent news concerning the PolyNetwork Exploiter addresses and Discord server compromises should serve as a reminder to users to remain vigilant and practice proper security measures. It is crucial to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of platforms, links, and transactions before taking any action in the crypto space. Ongoing efforts by security organizations and exchanges will continue to play a pivotal role in safeguarding the crypto community.