The crypto market has been buzzing with adrenaline-pumping action in the last 24 hours. Several major hacking incidents and suspicious activities have caught the attention of blockchain security firms. Let’s dive into the details of these incidents and understand their implications for the market.

1. Justin Sun’s ETH Movement:

Justin Sun, the well-known founder of TRON, has recently made some significant cryptocurrency movements. He withdrew approximately 3,951 ETH from Lido and subsequently deposited 20,000 ETH (with a value of around $36.2 million) into Binance. Furthermore, he transferred 17,255 ETH (approximately $28 million) to the address 0x9EeB…8D6c. The motivations behind these transactions remain unknown, leaving room for speculation.

2. FTX Accounts Drainer’s Cryptocurrency Holdings:

Addressed as FTX Accounts Drainer, a mysterious entity is drawing increasing attention in the crypto space. As of October 7, 2023, this entity holds $157 million worth of cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum network. The holdings mainly consist of 95.75K ETH. Notably, they have already transferred 90,000 ETH out and exchanged 3.2K ETH for around 194.2 tBTC. Additionally, they swapped 86.75K ETH for approximately 4,823.7 BTC via Thorchain and sent 53 ETH to Railgun.

3. ZkFlexFinance Exit Scam:

ZkFlexFinance, a project in the Ethereum ecosystem, appears to be engaged in an exit scam. Their ETH address, 0x54855D3133669B7EF54A2c962F5f63fdb44bBaE9, has experienced a significant drop and now reflects a 100% loss. The project’s social media accounts and websites have been deleted, adding to suspicions concerning their intentions. Meanwhile, address 0x84f90 has managed to dump tokens from the project and profited approximately $56,000.

4. DogeX Price Slippage:

Another notable incident involves the DogeX (DOGEX) token on the Binance Smart Chain. The deployer of the token, identified as address 0x1B9DFbf6136A0f1BC252ce23BF9A19e38E5fd6e5, withdrew roughly $303,000 USDT from the liquidity pool. This unexpected move resulted in a price slippage, causing concerns for DOGEX holders and investors.

5. pSeudoEth Flash Loan Exploit:

A flash loan exploit was detected on the pSeudoEth contract, identified by the Ethereum address 0x62aBdd605E710Cc80a52062a8cC7c5d659dDDbE7. In this attack, the attacker managed to seize approximately $2,300. Flash loan exploits utilize quick borrowing and trading techniques to manipulate decentralized financial platforms, highlighting the challenges of operating in the nascent DeFi space.


These hacking incidents and suspicious activities demonstrate the ongoing vulnerability and risk associated with the crypto market. Addressing these issues is crucial to building a secure and sustainable ecosystem. Investors, traders, and project teams must remain vigilant and adopt security measures to protect their funds and assets.

As the crypto market continues to evolve and gain traction, security risks have become an integral part of its landscape. The incidents highlighted in this blog post serve as a reminder for participants to exercise caution and stay informed. Blockchain security firms, such as PeckShield and CertiK Skynet, play a critical role in monitoring and detecting suspicious activities, helping to protect users and maintain trust in the crypto ecosystem.