The crypto market is constantly evolving, but with its growth comes an increased risk of hacking attempts and scams. In the past 24 hours, several notable incidents have been reported, ranging from suspicious token swaps to exit scams and phishing attacks. Here’s a summary of the latest hacking news from the crypto market.

1. Justin Sun’s Address Token Swap:
A large amount of stablecoins, including 340K TUSD and 500K USDT, were swapped for 840K USDC in an address associated with Justin Sun. The address then proceeded to transfer 340K USDC to Huobi Deposit and 300K USDC & 61 ETH to Poloniex. The motives behind these transactions remain unclear, but it’s essential to monitor any further developments.

2. YugaLabs’ Token Transfer:
YugaLabs, the creator of the popular NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club, transferred 2,000 Otherdeeds tokens to a new address, which now holds a considerable haul of 6M APE tokens (worth approximately $8.82M). These APE tokens originated from The Otherside’s OTHR Token-labeled address, which had transferred 16.78M APE tokens about 481 days ago. Further investigation is necessary to understand the purpose behind this transaction and the potential impact on the YugaLabs ecosystem.

3. Exit Scam Alert: @babyshiatoken:
A potential exit scam has been detected within the babyshiatoken project. The deployer address profited around 133 ETH (approximately $226k), triggering concerns and raising questions about the integrity of the project. Investors and users should exercise caution and evaluate the situation carefully.

4. Privileged Address Drains LP Pair on Genswap DEX:
The Uniswap LP pair for genswap_dex has been drained of roughly 65k ETH by a privileged address. Investigations suggest that the marketing address of the GEN token exploited an underflow vulnerability to artificially inflate their balance before dumping the tokens. Such incidents highlight the need for stronger security measures in decentralized exchanges to protect user investments.

5. Phishing Attack: @finance_ref Discord Server:
A phishing link has been recently posted in the #announcements channel of the finance_ref Discord server. Users are warned against interacting with hxxps://, as it is a potential phishing website aiming to trick users into revealing sensitive information. Caution should always be exercised when clicking on unfamiliar links or sharing personal details online.

The crypto market is becoming increasingly susceptible to hacking attempts, scams, and phishing attacks. It is vital for participants to remain vigilant, conduct thorough due diligence, and exercise caution while interacting with new projects or suspicious links. Staying informed about the latest hacking news and following best security practices will help investors and users protect themselves and mitigate potential risks in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.