The cryptocurrency market has been buzzing with news of Delysium, a real open-world, vividly AI-powered, and completely player-owned MMO game. The game boasts massive AI-powered MetaBeings, which are distributed throughout the experience created and owned by the players. In a recent development, Delysium announced that it has raised $10 million in a strategic fundraising round.

The fundraising was led by Polygon Fund and also saw participation from Anthos Capital, Immutable GSR, and Formless Capital. The success of Delysium’s fundraising round points to the growing appeal of blockchain-based gaming and the potential for virtual worlds where players can create assets, narratives, and AI-powered beings.

Delysium’s unique gameplay and innovative features have attracted attention and investments from major players such as Alameda Research, as well as Infinity Ventures Crypto, Galaxy Interactive, and Republic, who participated in the game’s $4 million fundraising round in March 2022.

The success of Delysium’s strategic fundraising round reflects the growing appetite for blockchain-based gaming and the massive potential for open-world gaming experiences built using blockchain technology. It is a testament to the increasing number of investors who believe that blockchain technology has the potential to transform various industries, including gaming.

Delysium now appears well-positioned to become a leading player in the crypto-gaming space, and the recent fundraising will help the developers continue to refine and develop their innovative gaming platform. It is a promising sign for investors who have invested in the project and a significant step in the evolution of the blockchain gaming industry market.

Overall, the crypto space is witnessing new fundraising rounds, and the success of Delysium’s recent strategic fundraising round demonstrates that investors are excited about the potential of blockchain-based gaming. We can expect many more projects in the industry to emerge and receive strong backing from investors.