As the crypto market continues to gain popularity, it’s essential to stay vigilant and informed about potential risks and vulnerabilities. In this blog post, we will analyze the latest 24-hour hacking news within the crypto market and highlight the incidents that occurred. It serves as a reminder to exercise caution and stay alert when navigating the crypto space.

1. Warning: Phishing Link in @MERGEZ_NFT Discord Server

Reports have emerged regarding a phishing link posted in the @MERGEZ_NFT Discord Server. Users are advised against clicking on any links until the team confirms that they have regained control of the server. Phishing remains a prevalent method for attackers to gain unauthorized access to users’ sensitive information.

2. Unverified Contract Attack on Arbitrum Network

An unverified contract, identified as 0xd614, on the Arbitrum network recently experienced an attack. The victim unknowingly approved tokens to the attacker, who then drained the victim’s contract by exploiting the transferFrom() function. This malicious activity resulted in a substantial loss of approximately $848,000 USD. Investors should exercise caution when interacting with unverified contracts and conduct thorough due diligence to mitigate such risks.

3. Beware of Fake Worldcoin Airdrop

A fake Worldcoin airdrop is being promoted on X, enticing users to participate. However, users are strongly advised not to interact with the hxxps:// site. This website is flagged as a known wallet drainer, emphasizing the importance of verifying the authenticity and legitimacy of any airdrop before sharing personal information or engaging in transactions.

4. Exit Scam on @NFT_SalesRoom (ASN) Draws Attention

@NFT_SalesRoom (ASN) has been associated with an exit scam. The contract, with the address 0xAbE776435f7459E2f5bA773Bfb753ed19a053dD0, has experienced a significant drop of approximately 78%. The tokens sold in this incident can be traced directly back to the deployer, highlighting suspicious activities. Furthermore, EOA 0xdc9b is reported to hold around $618,000 BUSD, indicating potential financial implications for investors.

The crypto market continues to bring forth innovative solutions and investment opportunities; however, it is not immune to malicious actors. The incidents highlighted in this post underscore the importance of maintaining a cautious approach and emphasizing due diligence.

To stay safe while engaging in the crypto market, users should:

1. Be cautious of phishing attempts and avoid clicking on suspicious links.
2. Verify the authenticity of contracts before interacting with them, especially if they are unverified.
3. Exercise caution when participating in airdrops and verify the legitimacy of the promotions.
4. Conduct extensive research before investing in any projects and be aware of suspicious activities and sudden price drops.

By staying informed and exercising caution, we can collectively work towards a safer and more secure crypto market.