1. What is Dailynews?

  • Dailynews is one of over 100 media channels owned by FastDogeMedia, Dailynews focuses on the potential Asian market with over 100k monthly visits and 15k followers on Twitter.

2. What topics does Dailynews cover?

  • Our target audience spans the globe and shares an interest in Crypto, DeFi, NFTs, web3, AI, and staying informed about hacking incidents to safeguard valuable assets.

3. Is there a subscription fee to access Dailynews?

  • No, you can experience it for free.

4. How can I register as a member on Dailynews?

  • Follow us on Twitter or sign up with your email on our website to receive the latest information.

5. Does Dailynews organize writing contests?

  • Not yet officially, but we will organize them in the future and reward the best editors.

6. Does Dailynews have a mobile application?

  • The mobile application will be released in the future. Currently, you can experience it on the web with mobile-specific optimizations.

7. Can I subscribe to email notifications from Dailynews?

  • Yes, you can find it on our website.

8. Does Dailynews share news in multimedia formats (videos, audio)?

  • Yes, we also have online discussions and community AMA sessions on Twitter.

9. How can I contact Dailynews to provide feedback or ask questions?

  • You can contact us using the information provided on our Channel

10. Does Dailynews have an editorial team to curate content?

  • Yes, our platform has thousands of content contributors, so having a dedicated team to oversee and manage the content is necessary to align with the company’s ethical policies.

11. What is Dailynews’s editorial policy?

  • Dailynews adheres to a strict editorial policy guided by trust, transparency, objectivity, and high-quality sourcing. Please visit our editorial Policy page to learn more

12. Is Dailynews hiring?

  • Dailynews is currently hiring for several positions, including writers and researchers. Please visit our jobs page for more information.