The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, with new projects and platforms emerging to cater to the growing demand for decentralized services. One such platform that has gained significant attention in recent times is In this blog post, we will explore the recent fundraising round of and its potential impact on the crypto market. Fundraising Round and Early Success:, a Web3 social app, has witnessed tremendous success in its initial stages. In just under 24 hours since its launch, the platform has generated an impressive 4,400 ETH (equivalent to approximately $8.1 million) in trading volume. This surpasses the trading volume achieved by OpenSea, a popular NFT marketplace, during a similar timeframe.

Unique Features and User Engagement:
One of the standout features of is the ability for users to sell “shares” of themselves to their followers. By buying someone’s share, users gain access to exchange private messages with the individual. This innovative concept attracts influencers with large Twitter followings, including well-known figures such as Cobie and Hsaka Trades. In fact, Hsaka Trades has acknowledged the platform’s potential, stating that it could evolve into a “Cameo type platform for Crypto Twitter.” This would allow users to collect shares for privileges such as sending a tweet from an influencer’s account.

Implications for Crypto Twitter:
The potential for to become a prominent platform within the Crypto Twitter community is significant. With its unique value proposition and attracting influencers, the platform has the potential to revolutionize the way social interactions occur within the crypto space. By offering users the opportunity to directly engage with their favorite influencers, could foster closer connections, increase user engagement, and unlock new possibilities for collaboration.

Distinguishing Factors and Future Prospects:
The success of’s fundraising round highlights the enthusiasm surrounding Web3 social apps and the demand for new ways to monetize and interact within these platforms. While traditional social media platforms have provided limited opportunities for users to monetize their presence, presents an alternative model, where users can sell shares of themselves, thereby creating value for both creators and investors.’s recent fundraising round and its early success in generating substantial trading volume demonstrate the potential of the platform to disrupt the traditional social media landscape. By creating a unique value proposition and engaging well-known influencers, has captured the attention of the Crypto Twitter community. As the platform continues to develop and attract more users, it will be fascinating to see how transforms the way we interact and monetize social interactions within the crypto market.