Garbi Protocol, an innovative decentralized exchange for stablecoins, is pleased to announce the launch of its comprehensive ecosystem on the Arbitrum network. Leveraging automated market maker (AMM) technology, Garbi Protocol provides seamless liquidity management for stablecoins while offering a range of sub-products and unique features.

The Garbi Protocol ecosystem is built to enhance stability, yield generation, and interoperability, empowering users with a multitude of options for decentralized finance (DeFi) participation. With the recent addition of five sub-products, including GarbiSwap (Stablecoin AMM), GarbiFarms, Garbi Equity Certificate (GEC), Garbi Stable Bridge, and Garbi Game, Garbi Protocol solidifies its position as a leading player in the stablecoin ecosystem.

To ensure the highest standards of security and reliability, Garbi Protocol underwent a thorough audit by Cognitos, a renowned blockchain security firm. The audit reinforces Garbi Protocol’s commitment to providing a robust and trustworthy platform for users.

Competitive Advantage:

Garbi Protocol stands out from the competition with its unique features and benefits:

  1. Diverse Revenue Streams: Garbi Swap generates income through transaction fees and interest from other DeFi protocols, ensuring liquidity providers earn not only from trading fees but also from participation in AAVE v3 Protocol and other DeFi pools. Additionally, users trading assets on Garbi Swap automatically receive $GRB tokens from the Refund Pool.
  2. Lowest Trading Fees: Garbi Protocol offers the lowest trading fees on the Arbitrum network, maximizing cost-efficiency for users.
  3. RealYield: Liquidity providers benefit from an impressive yield distribution system. With 50% of the dividends allocated to Liquidity Providers in LP tokens, 25% to the veGRB pool, 20% for $GRB buyback and burn, and 5% to the Core Contributor’s funds, participants enjoy substantial rewards while supporting the growth of the ecosystem.
  4. Strong Governance and Security: The Whitelist contract acts as a firewall, ensuring only approved contracts can access the Garbi Protocol contract, bolstering security and governance protocols.
  5. $GEC Profit Generation: Users can earn profits with their stablecoins by leveraging the Garbi Equity Certificate (GEC), further enhancing the utility and value of the Garbi ecosystem.

Future Developments:

Garbi Protocol has two strategic products in the pipeline: Garbi Bridge and Garbi AI. These upcoming releases promise to introduce cutting-edge features and expand the protocol’s capabilities in line with its mission to provide seamless cross-chain communication and leverage advanced AI technologies.

Tokenomic Details:

  • Name: Garbi Protocol
  • Ticker: GRB
  • Chain: Arbitrum
  • Max supply: 1,250,000 GRB
  • Contract Address: 0x5Fd71280b6385157b291b9962f22153FC9E79000

Public Sale:

Garbi Protocol has taken a community-driven approach with no presale or VC investment, ensuring a transparent and fair opportunity for the community, investors, and partners to participate. The public sale price is set at $0.086 per token.

Utility of $GRB and $veGRB Tokens:

$GRB Token Use Cases:

  • Governance
  • Yield Farming
  • Trading NFTs on Garbi Marketplace
  • Garbi Bridge Fee

$veGRB Token Use Cases:

  • Platform Revenue Share
  • Governance Function
  • Lock $veGRB: Redeem 1:1 $GRB with a 1-month vesting period
  • Governance Token in Garbi Game Ecosystem

Deflationary Mechanics:

  • Garbi Protocol implements various deflationary mechanics to increase the value of $GRB tokens, including using profits from the Zero Loss Pool, Farms, Swap trade fees, and deposit fees to buy and burn $GRB.
  • Burn all $GRB used to buy NFT, reducing the total supply of the currency and increasing the value for $GRB holders.

About Garbi Protocol:

Garbi Protocol is a decentralized exchange for stablecoins that operates on the Arbitrum network. The protocol leverages automated market maker technology to ensure seamless liquidity management and offers a comprehensive ecosystem with various sub-products, including GarbiSwap, GarbiFarms, Garbi Equity Certificate (GEC), Garbi Stable Bridge, and Garbi Game. Garbi Protocol is committed to transparency, security, and empowering users with unique features and benefits.

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