New DeFi projects are constantly emerging to revolutionize various aspects of traditional finance. One such project is Helix, a startup incubated by Singapore-based private credit business Helicap. Helix aims to introduce a credit protocol for real-world assets (RWA) in the crypto market. Recently, the company announced that it has successfully raised $2 million in pre-seed funding, setting the stage for its upcoming launch on the Ethereum blockchain.

Helix’s Vision:

Helix’s RWA credit protocol is designed to bring increased accessibility and transparency to the world of lending and borrowing, specifically focusing on real-world assets. By leveraging the advantages of blockchain technology, Helix aims to provide a secure and efficient platform for accredited and institutional investors to engage in RWA credit transactions. This is expected to enable greater liquidity and inclusivity within the DeFi space.

Funding Details:

The fundraising round was led by Saison Capital, a prominent venture capital firm with a track record of supporting innovative projects in the crypto and blockchain industry. Superscrypt and Emurgo, two well-known names in the space, also participated as lead investors. The successful completion of the pre-seed funding will allow Helix to further develop its protocol and prepare for a launch in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Collaborations and Ecosystem Growth:

Helix has expressed its intention to collaborate with stablecoin providers, exchanges, and other lending protocols to foster the growth of the RWA credit ecosystem. Such partnerships would help Helix create a robust network that connects borrowers, lenders, and various service providers in the crypto market. By working together with these industry players, Helix aims to provide a comprehensive platform that addresses the distinct needs of different stakeholders.

Market Impact:

DeFi has already disrupted the traditional financial landscape, transforming the way people interact with and access financial services. Helix’s RWA credit protocol has the potential to further accelerate this transformation by introducing a novel approach to lending and borrowing. By bridging the gap between traditional assets and the crypto market, investors can gain exposure to real-world assets in a seamless and transparent manner. The increased liquidity and accessibility provided by Helix’s protocol has the potential to revolutionize the way accredited and institutional investors engage with real-world assets within the DeFi space.