Hey there, savvy investors and blockchain enthusiasts! 👋 Ever felt the thrill of winning big while contributing to a good cause? Look no further – CashIn is here to redefine your lottery gaming experience with a unique blend of blockchain, transparency, and a touch of philanthropy.

Lucky Tickets:

You have the chance to win up to $200k with just a $5 – $50 investment!! that’s the magic of CashIn’s Lucky Tickets. With tickets starting as low as 5 USDT, you get instant results, adding an extra dose of excitement to your gaming experience. The higher the ticket price, the more significant the potential rewards, simple, right?

Lottery Draw:

Every purchased Lucky Ticket becomes your golden ticket to the lottery draw, where winners share a prize pool initially funded with a cool 10k USDT. No complicated algorithms here, just straightforward rules:

  • First Prize: Win 10% of the cumulative prize pool and 40% of the current pool.
  • Second Prize: Match the second and third numbers, win 2% of the cumulative pool and 5% of the current pool.
  • Third Prize: Match the fourth and eighth numbers, walk away with a sweet 200 USDT.

Charitable Donations:

CashIn allocates 10% revenue to charitable donations. You get to decide where it goes, vote for the cause that tugs at your heartstrings and be part of a community, socially responsible platform.

Share and Earn:
Feeling generous? Share your unique CashIn link on social media and earn 2.5%-5% of the daily purchase amount from your invited users.

Event: 2,000 Lucky Tickets:
Here’s an exclusive chance for you and your friends to grab 2,000 Lucky Tickets, each offering a tantalizing top prize of 50,000 USDT. Invite your pals to purchase 2 Lucky Tickets, and you get one for free! With up to 3 Lucky Tickets per inviter, brace yourself for continuous surprises. So, there you have it.

Join CashIn, let’s play, win, and make a difference together!

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