In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, news and updates about hacking attempts, fund transfers, and liquidation events are common occurrences. In this blog post, we’ll delve into some recent events reported by PeckShield, a leading blockchain security company. These events highlight the significance of remaining vigilant and taking necessary precautions in the crypto market.

1. Hacked: Phishing Scheme Targets BANANA Holders:
PeckShield reports that an address, 0x91cd…b416, fell victim to a phishing scheme executed by AngelDrainer. This unfortunate incident resulted in the loss of approximately 6.3K $BANANA tokens, valued at around $100.65K. It serves as a reminder to stay cautious and double-check addresses before making any transactions.

2. FTX/Alameda’s Transfers to Wintermute:
Around 17.1K $SOL tokens, worth approximately $1.05M, were transferred from FTX and Alameda-labeled addresses to Wintermute. While the reasons behind this transfer are not clear, movements of funds between different entities within the crypto market are common.

3. Justin Sun’s Withdrawals from JustLendDAO on TRON:
An address associated with Justin Sun, TT2T17…9N, withdrew 22M $USDT from JustLendDAO on TRON and transferred significant amounts to various assets. The transfers included 21.7M $USDT, 6M $TRX (about $629K), 3.65M $USDD, 2.44T $BTT (around $1.2M), and 13B $WIN (approximately $1M). Such movements can be attributed to portfolio management strategies or the pursuit of new investment opportunities.

4. Liquidation Event: Address Liquidated 42.92K $USDC:
PeckShield’s reports highlight the liquidation of an address, 0x54b3…6704, which was holding 42.92K $USDC. While the reasons behind this liquidation event remain unknown, market volatility and margin trading can sometimes lead to forced liquidations.

5. Kanro’s Charitable Efforts and CEX Transfers:
Charity organization Kanro transferred 50M $USDC to a Safe Multisig address, 0xf207…D5a3. Additionally, around 499K $USDC was forwarded to this same address, which was then further transferred to centralized exchanges (CEXs). This highlights the importance of transparency and proper due diligence when dealing with charitable organizations within the crypto space.

These recent events reported by PeckShield demonstrate the continuous need for vigilance and caution in the crypto market. Phishing schemes, fund transfers, and liquidation events can impact individuals and organizations alike. By staying informed, verifying addresses, and adopting proper security measures, participants can help protect themselves against potential risks and mitigate the possibility of falling victim to malicious actors. As the crypto market evolves, it is essential to remain proactive and prioritize security at all times.