MetaElfLand, a GameFi project that has been in development since 2022, is making waves in the blockchain gaming space with its innovative approach and promising future. This analysis will provide a comprehensive overview of MetaElfLand, focusing on its core features, economic sustainability mechanisms, tokenomics, and the team behind it.

Core Features: A Fusion of Gaming and Metaverse

MetaElfLand presents a unique blend of gaming and metaverse elements, offering players an engaging and immersive experience. Similar to the beloved PokémonGo, the game revolves around collecting and nurturing creatures called MetaElves. Here are some key features:

  1. MetaElves Collection: Players can acquire or breed various MetaElves, each with distinct attributes, appearances, and skills.
  2. Team-Based Gameplay: Form teams of MetaElves to complete daily tasks, engage in PvE and PvP battles, and earn rewards.
  3. TMT E-Sports Arena: Test your strategic prowess in the challenging TMT E-Sports Arena, where the top winner can claim a substantial portion of the grand prize pool.
  4. zkSync Era Dominance: MetaElfLand has risen to the top of the GameFi field on zkSync, showcasing its technological prowess and market position.
  5. Collaborations and IP Expansion: Leveraging the MetaElfLand IP, the project plans to collaborate with various content partners (CPs) to create a full-chain independent world, solidifying its position in the autonomous world games market.

Play MetaElfLand and you will get:

  • zks official airdrop.
  • MELD governance token rewards.
  • Gold BNC rewards.
  •  At the same time, the zks official airdrop received by the MetaElfLand team will also give up to 60% of tokens as a game player reward 

Economic Sustainability Mechanisms

MetaElfLand is committed to creating a sustainable ecosystem by addressing key economic challenges in the GameFi space. Several mechanisms have been implemented:

  1. MetaElves Health and Stamina Mechanisms: Introduce mechanisms to manage the health and stamina of MetaElves, adding depth to gameplay.
  2. NFT Burning/Replacement: Control inflation by implementing NFT burning and replacement mechanisms.
  3. Breeding Limitations: Regulate the breeding of MetaElves to maintain rarity and value.
  4. Gene Level System: Implement a gene-level system to enhance MetaElves’ attributes.
  5. Dynamic Consumption & Production: Balance token supply through a dynamic consumption and production formula.
  6. Token Transaction Fee Burning: Burn a portion of transaction fees to reduce token supply and create deflationary pressure.
  7. Token Buyback: Regularly repurchase tokens from the secondary market and burn them, reinforcing the token’s value.
  8. Mining Pool Liquidity: Boost liquidity by adding tokens acquired through buybacks to the mining pool.
  9. NFT Leasing and Pet Metaverse: Future plans include NFT leasing and the extension of NFT use cases with a pet metaverse.
  10. NFT Sponsorship: Collaborate with other game projects to distribute sponsored NFTs to players.

Play-to-Earn and Fair Gameplay

In addition to its economic mechanisms, MetaElfLand emphasizes fair gameplay and player engagement. Players can earn rewards through various means, including PvE adventures, TMT victories, PvP battles, trading in the MetaElf Market, and breeding MetaElves. The game also introduces features like Staking and “The MetaElfLand” and “War mode” (coming soon) to enhance the gaming experience.

  • Obtain ‘BNC’ from PVE adventure on a daily basis;
  • Compete in TMT and win the game;
  • Win the game in the PVP arena;
  • Trade in the MetaElf Market;
  • Breed MetaElves and sell;
  • Features of TMT Winner’s Elf Team Combination Quiz
  • Staking for more rewards 
  • Gameplay / Features of “War mode” 
  • NFT sponsored by various game projects, to be distributed to players through in-game blind box.

Tokenomics: The Role of $MELD and $BNC

MetaElfLand’s native token, $MELD, serves as a catalyst for the ecosystem’s growth and offers multiple use cases, including item purchases, reproduction, governance, and staking. Transaction fees are allocated to support the ecosystem, with a portion burnt, maintaining system maintenance, purchasing items in MetaElfLan, and contributing to the ecological fund.

BattleNet Coin ($BNC) is another asset in MetaElfLand earned through gameplay and can be transferred and traded. It is awarded for completing PvE adventures, daily tasks, PvP Arena battles, and participating in TMT.

  • PvE: players can get up to 50 BNC at most per day (dynamically adjusted according to the actual economic model);
  • Daily tasks: players can receive fixed 25 BNC (dynamically adjusted according to actual economic models);
  • PvP Arena: players can get more BNC for higher ranking;
  • TMT: players who participate TMT, will receive additional rewards in BNC.

Deflationary Model

  • Fees: The transaction fees incurred by all transactions in the MetaElfLand will be allocated as follows: 25% are automatically converted into $MELDs and burnt, 37.5% are for system maintenance, and the other 37.5% are put into the DeFi mining pool to increase liquidity and allocated to the “Ecological Fund”.
  • Buyback Strategy: Part of the TMT revenue will be used to repurchase tokens from the secondary market, and tokens will then be burnt. The project team will continue to carry out scheduled repurchases and the burning work according to the actual situation. The continuous repurchase and burning strategy will have a very positive effect on the entire game ecosystem. It can strengthen consensus, and make the community healthier and more vibrant.


Team and Vision

The project is spearheaded by Leonardo, co-founder of MetaSoft Labs and MAX revoland, a blockchain veteran with a decade of experience in investment and project development. His expertise and contributions to the gaming industry have been instrumental in MetaElfLand’s success. And various professionals, including Top Scorer in National College Entrance Examination 2004 – (Silvia Chou), Early Binance Angel Investor – (Kevin Lu), GameFi Marketing Expert (Noah Song & Ratskie Calma) & Sophisticated Game Developer (Kidd Li, Allen Shen) with top-notch expertise, holding prestigious positions and degrees as well as broad experience and extensive knowledge in their fields.

MetaElfLand represents a pioneering GameFi project that blends gaming and metaverse elements. With its innovative features, sustainable economic mechanisms, and dedicated team, it is poised to make a significant impact in the blockchain gaming space. 

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