It has been over a month since Base Public Mainnet, it has demonstrated remarkable statistics that position it as one of the leading Layer 2 solutions in the blockchain space. BASE currently ranks in the top 8 projects with the highest revenue in the last 30 days, notably Friendtech, a SocialFi project within the BASE ecosystem, securing a spot in the top 4.

Here are some key statistics:

  • Active users daily (30-day average): 84.85k
  • Total Value Locked (TVL): $368M, with a peak of $411M
  • Revenue (30-day): $3.22M, with the potential for an annualized revenue of ~$40M

Despite its recent launch, BASE’s metrics can already compete with established ecosystems like Arbitrum, zkSync Era, Optimism, and even outperform in some aspects.

Notable Projects in the BASE Ecosystem

Despite its recent release, the BASE ecosystem has attracted over 110 projects and dApps for development. Here are some standout projects:

1. Aerodrome

Aerodrome Finance, since its inception, has injected over $200M into the BASE ecosystem, doubling BASE’s TVL in just a few days. Aerodrome serves as BASE’s central liquidity hub, incorporating a potent liquidity incentive engine, vote-lock governance, and user-friendly interfaces.

Aerodrome’s emergence results from a collaboration between Velodrome and Base. When looking at the $VELO token’s past performance, specifically ve(3,3) model, it might offer insights into the potential price trajectory of $AERO. This is linked to the emission mechanism leading to a gradual increase in circulating supply. It’s possible that this scenario could lead to a drop in $AERO’s price and decreased rewards, encouraging the community to farm and sell tokens, ultimately resulting in a sustained price decline.

2., a decentralized social media application built on BASE Layer 2, leverages user data from platforms like Twitter. Users can engage in private chats with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) by purchasing “shares” of their profiles. These shares, essentially ERC tokens, are subject to fluctuating supplies based on user demand, and their prices follow bonding curves. KOLs are unable to mint shares themselves, and they are not traded on traditional AMM DEX platforms. has witnessed remarkable growth with over 146,000 registered users, 140,000 share purchases, and 4.1 million transactions.

3. Breezy Finance

Breezy Finance, a decentralized exchange (DEX), complements BASE’s AMM mechanism by efficiently managing liquidity. It offers several unique features:

  • Breezy Capital Index ($BCI): This index diversifies investments and manages risks in the dynamic market, offering various investment pools to users.
  • BreezyLink: A cross-chain bridge, BreezyLink facilitates smooth transactions between Ethereum and Arbitrum with adaptable fee structures.
  • Breezy Ecosystem: Breezy supports DeFi infrastructure for startup projects on BASE, including DeFiXBot, a personal DeFi assistant on TelegramBot.

Breezy holds significant promise, with substantial growth potential and a relatively low valuation. However, the team’s limited activity in community development should be considered by prospective participants. Important products are still being updated fully.


In just a short period since the BASE Mainnet launch, the ecosystem has garnered substantial attention. Boasting a TVL of $400M and a slew of impressive native projects like, BASE is poised to be one of the most attractive Layer 2 solutions in the market. The ongoing Onchain Summer event further emphasizes BASE’s strategy to attract dApps and developers.

Overall, BASE appears to be well-positioned for substantial growth, and its auspicious beginnings provide a strong foundation for future development in the BASE ecosystem.