DailyNews Ethics Policy

We uphold the highest standards of journalism, ensuring transparency, objectivity, and responsible reporting. Here are the key elements of our ethics policy:

1. Editorial Independence:

  • We maintain full editorial autonomy and decision-making authority.
  • Our journalists cover our parent company and its investments without bias or favoritism.
  • Strict policies prevent any attempts by the parent company to pressure our journalists for coverage or favorable treatment.

2. Disclosure and Ownership:

    • All articles include disclosure of our corporate ownership and links to our parent company’s portfolio companies and cryptocurrency investments.
    • Any article about our parent company or its subsidiaries prominently states that DailyNews is owned by the parent company.

    3. Journalistic Standards:

    • We prioritize accuracy, fairness, objectivity, and responsible reporting.
    • Our journalists seek comments from all relevant perspectives and provide balanced and insightful coverage.
    • Factual errors are promptly corrected and disclosed at the bottom or top of the article, reaching a wide audience.

    4. Conflicts of Interest:

    • Reporters disclose cryptocurrency investments over $1,000 and update them as needed.
    • Journalists avoid conflicts of interest and minimize coverage of assets or companies they have a financial interest in.
    • Our platform is strictly prohibited from being misused for personal gain.

    5. Editorial Separation:

    • Editors and reporters cannot accept payment or gifts from companies they cover.
    • A clear separation is maintained between editorial content and potential conflicts of interest.
    • Opinion articles are clearly labeled and distinguished from news stories.

    6. Source Protection:

    • We protect the identities of confidential sources, employing measures to ensure their safety and trust.
    • Anonymous sources undergo rigorous verification processes.
    • We continuously update protocols to address evolving digital threats.

    DailyNews is committed to transparent reporting, high-quality sources, strict advertising standards, and maintaining independence from our parent company. We prioritize accuracy, diversity of perspectives, and source protection to provide reliable and responsible journalism