In a recent funding round, Pontem, a product development studio focused on global financial inclusion through blockchain technology, successfully raised $10.5 million. The funds will be used to further develop their platform, including the creation of a native wallet and asset swap on Aptos, as well as the integration of protocols like Liquidswap and liquid staking derivatives.

Funding Round Details:

Pontem’s funding round resulted in an impressive $10.5 million raise. The round was backed by a number of prominent investors, including Lightspeed Venture Partners, FactionLead, Pantera Capital, Kraken Ventures, Aptos, Shima Capital, Wintermute, and Altonomy. This level of support demonstrates a strong belief in Pontem’s mission and the potential of their blockchain-powered financial inclusion solutions.

Pontem’s Vision and Product Offering:

Pontem aims to revolutionize financial inclusion through blockchain technology. Their product development studio is focused on creating a range of solutions that empower individuals with access to global financial systems. One of the main features of their platform is the creation of a secure and user-friendly wallet. This wallet will enable users to securely manage and transact various cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based assets.

Additionally, Pontem is developing an asset swap on Aptos, a blockchain network. This asset swap will leverage protocols like Liquidswap and liquid staking derivatives, providing users with a safe and efficient way to exchange assets. Liquidswap, backed by Aptos through Pontem, offers feature parity with popular exchanges like Uniswap and Curve. It utilizes various bonding curves to facilitate asset swaps for both volatile and stable pairs, ensuring liquidity providers and traders can seamlessly trade assets.

Key Features and Benefits:

One of the standout features of Liquidswap is its architecture, which is built with security and censorship resistance in mind. The platform employs open and immutable code with no upgradeability backdoors, ensuring trust and authenticity for its users. Furthermore, liquidity providers on the platform can earn variable and fixed APRs with risk-adjusted yields, incentivizing early participation and offering competitive returns. Pontem also plans to introduce concentrated liquidity functionality in the near future, further expanding the possibilities for asset managers and liquidity providers.

The successful funding round for Pontem highlights the growing interest and investment in blockchain-based financial solutions. With $10.5 million raised, Pontem will continue to develop their platform, including the creation of a native wallet and asset swap on Aptos. These developments will further empower individuals by providing secure, efficient, and inclusive financial infrastructures. As blockchain technology continues to evolve, initiatives like Pontem’s are driving global financial inclusion and paving the way for a more accessible and equitable financial future.