The crypto market has been buzzing with recent hacking incidents and vulnerabilities. In this blog post, we will discuss the latest developments and shed light on the ongoing security challenges faced by the industry.

Eralend Exploiter Transfers Stolen Funds:

On various blockchains, addresses affiliated with the Eralend exploit have moved approximately 410.8 ETH, equivalent to around $757,000, to centralized exchanges (CEXs). This represents roughly 31% of the total stolen funds, which amounted to $2.7 million. The exploit targeted EraLend on zkSync and serves as a reminder of the importance of robust security measures in the DeFi space.

Sandwich Attacks Impact DODO Trading Volume:

DODO, a decentralized exchange (DEX), has been experiencing significant trading volume driven by stablecoin trades, particularly those involving USDC-USDT and DAI-USDT pairs. However, the platform also faces challenges, as attackers account for 58.7% of trading activity, disproportionately impacting targeted trades, which comprise 2.13%. This underscores the need for continuous monitoring and proactive measures against such malicious activities within the DEX ecosystem.

Balancer Addresses Vulnerabilities:

Following a recent report, Balancer has successfully mitigated vulnerabilities affecting 80% of its v2 Pools. While no funds have been reported lost, the remaining funds are still at risk. Balancer’s quick response to address these issues demonstrates the importance of prompt action and highlights the ongoing efforts to enhance security protocols and protect users’ assets.

RocketSwap Exploiter Transfers Ethereum:

In another incident, an exploiter associated with RocketSwap Labs on Ethereum has transferred 270 ETH (approximately $447,000) to a new externally owned account (EOA). This serves as a reminder that even established projects can be targeted, emphasizing the need for continuous security audits and updates to protect user funds.

Beware of Fake CYBER Airdrop:

Social media users are advised to be cautious of a fake CYBER airdrop being promoted. The fraudulent promotion directs users to a website (hxxps:// that is known for draining funds from unsuspecting victims’ wallets. It is crucial for users to verify the authenticity of any airdrop or giveaway and exercise caution when interacting with unknown platforms.

The recent hacking incidents and vulnerabilities in the crypto market highlight the continuous security challenges faced by the industry. Both centralized exchanges and decentralized platforms need to adopt robust security measures, conduct regular security audits, and promptly address any vulnerabilities to protect user funds. Additionally, users must remain vigilant, verify the authenticity of offers or promotions, and exercise caution when interacting with unknown websites or platforms. As the crypto market evolves, ensuring the security of digital assets remains a top priority for all stakeholders involved.