BASE is a layer-2 solution implemented by the Coinbase exchange, launched in February 2023, utilizing Optimism’s OP Stack toolset. In mid-July, Base announced the deployment of Mainnet, opening it to users and developers worldwide.

Memecoin BALD experienced a 2M% pump in the past 24h, with a market cap of $50m and a 24h volume of $101.7m😮. Currently, about 33,489 ETH is deposited on the Base chain (~$62m), and Leetswap BALD/WETH has 8,742 WETH liquidity

The term “BALD” means “bald head,” which the crypto community on Twitter often uses to mock Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase

How you can join the base ecosystem

Step 1: Add BASE chain to your wallet. 👉
🔹Network name: Base Mainnet
🔹Chain ID: 8453
🔹Symbol: ETH
🔹Explorer URL:

Step 2: Bridge your $ETH to the BASE chain
🔹You can bridge $ETH from Ethereum to Base by sending ETH to the following contract address:

However, since the network is newly launched, investing in it carries significant risks, not to mention that Base still lacks an official cross-chain bridge solution from Ethereum. BALD Twitter is also posting warnings to the community to be cautious during the money transfer process, emphasizing that the current bridge is Base’s mainnet bridge, supporting only ⚠️ONE-WAY transfers and not withdrawals. People are participating based on trust in Brian Armstrong.

Official links:

Note: Do your own research (DYOR), self-custody your assets, and watch out for FOMO