In a major strategic move, Japanese tech investment giant SoftBank has set its sights on artificial intelligence (AI) as the next frontier in technological innovation. With the successful listing of its Arm unit, SoftBank’s CEO Masayoshi Son is now exploring avenues to invest billions of dollars in AI. This blog post delves into SoftBank’s renewed focus on AI, its potential partnership with OpenAI, and its growing involvement in the robotics and warehouse sector. Additionally, we will touch upon recent developments in the cryptocurrency space, including the undervaluation of Ether and South Korea’s increased scrutiny of over-the-counter (OTC) crypto trades.

SoftBank’s AI Investment Drive

Recognizing AI as the most significant revolution in human history, SoftBank is shifting its investment focus from blockchain and cryptocurrencies to AI. This strategic shift comes after SoftBank’s successful listing of the Arm unit, enabling the company to expand its AI investments further. CEO Masayoshi Son aims to collaborate with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot. This partnership could potentially unlock new opportunities and reshape the AI landscape. By investing billions of dollars in AI, SoftBank aims to position itself as a frontrunner in this transformative technology.

Venturing into Robotics and Warehouse Sector

As part of its AI investment push, SoftBank has reportedly partnered with robotic warehouse company Symbotic to establish a joint venture named GreenBox Systems LLC. This collaboration aims to leverage robotics and AI to facilitate efficient warehouse operations. With the increasing demand for automated warehousing and logistics solutions, this venture presents SoftBank with an opportunity to expand its AI footprint further.

Ether’s Undervaluation and Layer 2 Networks

Research firm RxR highlights that Ether, the native token of the Ethereum blockchain, is currently trading at a 27% discount to its fair value. RxR’s fair value projection incorporates layer 2 networks’ growing activity, which are offchain solutions built on top of the Ethereum mainnet to enhance scalability. By factoring in the significant growth and total value locked in layer 2 protocols (over $9 billion), this approach provides a more reliable assessment of Ether’s value compared to traditional models. The utilization of layer 2 networks is playing a vital role in determining the value of Ether.

South Korea’s Crackdown on OTC Crypto Trades

In response to concerns about criminal activities, South Korean regulators are intensifying their oversight of over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency trades. The unregulated OTC crypto market has come under scrutiny due to its potential association with money laundering and unauthorized conversions of virtual assets into Korean won. The South Korean government, known for its strict regulatory stance on cryptocurrencies, has taken a proactive approach to address these issues, with officials monitoring the OTC market closely.


SoftBank’s strategic pivot towards AI underscores the immense potential and transformative power of this technology. By prioritizing AI investments and exploring partnerships with industry leaders like OpenAI, SoftBank aims to position itself as a key player in shaping the AI landscape. Meanwhile, the undervaluation of Ether and the growing significance of layer 2 networks in determining its fair value highlight the need for innovative models that consider offchain scaling solutions. Lastly, South Korea’s heightened oversight of OTC crypto trades reflects the government’s commitment to combating criminal activities and strengthening investor protection within the cryptocurrency space. As the world continues to embrace emerging technologies, SoftBank’s AI-infused future looks incredibly promising, signaling the dawn of a new era in technological innovation.