Every day in the Crypto market, we witness various hacking incidents, big or small. They continuously occur with a wide range of sophisticated tactics. Therefore, ensuring the security of digital assets has become an increasingly urgent concern. 

Today, let’s delve deep into a project that aims to protect users in the most effective ways – Webacy. It’s a pioneering software protection layer designed for self-custody in the crypto realm, offering a ray of hope for those who have long struggled with risks related to private keys, seed phrases, scam links, and the ever-present threat of malicious attacks.

Webacy’s core mission is to make self-custody secure and accessible, all while eliminating the need for cumbersome keys and seed phrases. In the cryptocurrency space, where the loss of digital wealth due to hacks and forgotten passcodes is a painful reality, Webacy’s innovative approach is essential. Currently, Webacy supports Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, and Optimism with over 30,000 users globally.

One of the standout features of Webacy is its ability to prepare users for commonly overlooked scenarios that often result in financial devastation. Imagine clicking on a malicious link or unknowingly signing a suspicious transaction – these situations can spell disaster for crypto holders. Webacy offers users a well-thought-out plan of action, ensuring that their crypto wealth remains intact and can be seamlessly passed down to loved ones. Additionally, users are kept informed in real-time about any inbound or outbound activity in their wallets, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Importantly, Webacy is not a direct competitor to existing crypto wallets like MetaMask. Instead, it serves as a complementary technology layer that integrates with a user’s chosen wallet, such as Metamask or Coinbase Wallet. The brilliance of Webacy lies in its non-custodial security suite, which empowers users to safeguard their wallets independently, without entrusting important information to a third party.

Risk Score

Webacy’s three-layer suite of protection, accessible through desktop or mobile browsers, is designed to address a range of security concerns. Beyond monitoring, one notable feature is the ability to assess the risk level of a wallet. Users simply input their wallet address or that of a friend or colleague, and Webacy generates a “risk score.” This dashboard helps users identify and steer clear of questionable transactions, enhancing their overall security posture.

Panic Button

However, risk assessment alone is not always sufficient to protect a user in the event of a compromised wallet. This is where Webacy’s “panic button” comes into play. Users can deploy a smart contract with predefined conditions, such as loss of access or suspicious activity, to transfer assets to a backup wallet. With Webacy’s notification system, users are promptly alerted to any suspicious activity and can trigger the panic button to secure their coins. This ingenious feature has been used not only in response to potential threats but also to prevent accidental trades or the fallout from clicking a phishing link.

Wallet Watch

Notifies you of any inbound, outbound, or interaction taking place in and around your wallet. Set up SMS and/or Email notifications to receive real-time alerts when any transaction occurs within your wallet. In the event that a transaction alert is deemed malicious, you can activate Webacy’s Panic Button and immediately evacuate your assets into a safe and separate Backup Wallet.  

Crypto will

Webacy’s “crypto will” is another noteworthy innovation, akin to a digital version of a traditional will. Operating through smart contracts, it allows users to specify beneficiaries who will receive their crypto assets in the event of their demise. This ensures that one’s digital wealth is distributed according to their wishes, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind.

Webacy’s CEO, Emi Isogawa, emphasizes the importance of merging convenience with safety in the crypto space. The goal is to make self-custodial wallets more user-friendly while maintaining robust security measures. This aspiration to provide a seamless and secure experience for crypto users aligns with the vision of companies like NortonLifeLock, a consumer security giant.

Webacy trustless, decentralized, mutable, and private approach, it offers a comprehensive solution to safeguarding digital assets. In a world where crypto security remains a top concern, Webacy’s innovative suite of tools promises to redefine the way users protect and manage their wealth in the digital age.

Webacy is now enabling crypto subscription payments for its customers and holding @GrimmiesNFT also unlocks the full Webacy suite (Wallet Watch, Backup Wallet, Panic Button, etc.) for one wallet.

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How to Use:

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  • Gain the ability to act swiftly and prevent loss of your crypto by moving your assets to a secure wallet using our ‘Panic Button,’ or use the ‘Backup Wallet’ tool if you lose access.
  • Ensure the seamless transfer of your digital assets to your loved ones by setting up a ‘Crypto Will’ in our security hub.”